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In the midst of three sold out shows in LA, Wilco set aside an afternoon to record a special live session for KCRW at The Theatre at Ace Hotel.

If Explosions In The Sky's records are watershed moments for its fans, then the band's live shows are a Biblical flood. The group recently released its sixth studio album, The Wilderness. On Thursday, Explosions In The Sky brought its epic, searching sound to a sold-out show at Washington, D.C.'s famed 9:30 Club.

Kirsty Young's castaway this week is the musician, Noel Gallagher. He was the principal songwriter of the band Oasis - his younger brother, Liam was the lead singer. Born to Irish parents, as a child he spent his summers visiting his mother's family in rural County Mayo, in sharp contrast to the Manchester council estate where they lived. He taught himself to play the guitar and loved music: he was road manager for the Inspiral Carpets before joining Liam in Oasis.

Another chance to hear Brian Eno deliver the annual John Peel Lecture. The lecture invites a notable figure from the music industry to shape a debate and create insight around music and music-related media.

The Memorial Service & Celebration of “Lemmy” Kilmister, Motörhead Frontman
“Lemmy” Kilmister’s memorial service is now streaming live on Youtube. Ian Fraser Kilmister was an English musician, singer and songwriter who founded and fronted the rock band Motörhead. He died on December 29th, at the age of 70.

Soviet Inventor Léon Theremin Shows Off the Theremin, the Early Electronic Instrument That Could Be Played Without Being Touched (1954)
You know the sound of the theremin, that weird, warbly whine that gets a solo in the Beach Boy’s “Good Vibrations” and signals mystery, danger, and otherworldly portent in many classic sci-fi films and the original intro theme to Doctor Who. It has the distinction of being not only the very first electronic instrument but also the only instrument in history one plays without ever touching any part of it. Instead, the theremin player makes hand motions, like the conductor of an invisible choir, and the device sings.

Jimi Hendrix Plays the Delta Blues on a 12-String Acoustic Guitar in 1968, and Jams with His Blues Idols, Buddy Guy & B.B. King
“I started playing the guitar about 6 or 7, maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I was influenced by everything at the same time, that’s why I can’t get it together now.” When you listen to Jimi Hendrix, one of the last things you’re ever likely to think is that he couldn’t “get it together” as a guitarist. Hendrix made the characteristically modest statement in 1968, in a free form discussion about his influences with Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner and Baron Wolfman. “I used to like Buddy Holly,” he said, “and Eddie Cochran and Muddy Waters and Elvin James… B.B. King and so forth.” But his great love was Albert King, who “plays completely and strictly in one way, just straight funk blues.”

Punk & Heavy Metal Music Makes Listeners Happy and Calm, Not Aggressive, According to New Australian Study
This past summer, we reported on a study done by researchers at Humboldt State, Ohio State, UC Riverside, and UT Austin showing that kids who listened to heavy metal in the 80s were “significantly happier in their youth and better adjusted currently than either middle-aged or current college-age youth comparison groups.” Despite heated debates in the 80s and 90s over objectionable lyrical content in both popular and alternative music (remember the “Cop Killer” controversy?), researchers concluded that angry rock didn’t turn people into alienated maniacs. Instead, they found, “participation in fringe style cultures may enhance identity development in troubled youth.”

BBC Radio 4: The Pop Star and the Prophet - Meeting Music's Nostradamus
Nearly forty years ago, French polymath Jacques Attali wrote a book called "Noise" which predicted a "crisis of proliferation" for recorded music - in which its value would plumet. As music sales went into freefall at the turn of the century, his prediction seemed eerily resonant to up-and-coming singer/songwriter Sam York. Now struggling to earn a living as a musician, York visits Attali to help get an insight into his own future, learning that music itself may hold clues to what is about to happen in the wider world.

In 1983 Phantom Records released the compilation album Paths of Pain To Jewels of Glory. It collected some of the most important artists to record for the label and put them side-by-side. Power pop acts like Sunnyboys sat with rock groups like Le Hoodoo Gurus, punk bands like the Kelpies and the electro-pop grooves of Machinations. It makes for a thrilling document of an influential time in Australian music.

Ornette Coleman, the American saxophonist and composer who liberated jazz from conventional harmony, tonality, structure and expectation, died early on Thursday (11 June 2015) of cardiac arrest in Manhattan. He was 85.

When Ornette Coleman won a Pulitzer Prize in 2007, Stephen Colbert did a routine which summed up why you should like Ornette Coleman. Colbert cued up a particularly raucous clip from Sound Grammar, Coleman's latest album, and started dancing uncontrollably to it. When it finished, he went for his first punchline: "I am gonna have that tune in my head the rest of the night." It isn't the easiest music in the world to get into, but when Coleman's imprint of fire-brazed melodicism strikes you, you may very well have his tunes stuck in your head all night long.

It is rare that a band can truly claim to be a founder of a whole genre, but Ride is one such band. Whether they liked the name or not, they became recognized as one of the premiere "shoegaze" bands from the early 90's. The Oxford, England quartet absolutely characterized that sound – driving guitars drenched in distortion, reverb and other effects; dispassionate, psychedelic vocals; a Specter-like Wall of Sound for a new generation. They were simultaneously among the heaviest and yet, most poppy of the classic shoegaze bands, with sometimes thunderous drums and downright catchy melodies. After four albums and numerous EP's, they called it quits in 1996. Barring a brief, improvised jam in 2001, the band have not played together in nearly two decades. But with this year's edition of Coachella that will change, and we are thrilled to feature an advance look and listen to the newly reformed Ride as they will be our guests on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

With only a pair of self-released EPs, Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett has become one of the most buzzed-about artists of 2015, with her new album, Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit (out 3/23 on Mom+Pop) topping many “Most Anticipated Albums of the Year” lists. Her charming storytelling approach and unpretentious musical arrangements make her easy to cheer for, but a keen pop sense make her songs truly memorable. Her Morning Becomes Eclectic debut is surely not to be missed!

A Love Supreme: 50 Years On
Often cited as one of the greatest albums ever made, John Coltrane's A Love Supreme is revered not just by jazz aficionados but music fans the world over. Fifty years after its release, British saxophonist Courtney Pine explores what makes it such a unique and important record.

Spoon in August 2014,showcase their new album, ‘ They want my soul ‘ on KCRW’s Mornings Become Eclectic.

Mulatu Astatke backed up by the fabulous Heliocentrics.
Mulatu Astatke backed up by the fabulous Heliocentrics. Live at Cargo in London in April 2008. - Mulatu Astatke was born in Ethiopia in 1943. He is an innovative multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and the originator of a form of music he calls ‘Ethio-jazz’. Mulatu studied at Trinity College of Music in England and Berklee College of Music in Boston where he was Berklee’s first African graduate. As a vibraphone, conga and percussion player, Astatke has performed at countless concerts in Ethiopia and abroad, including appearances at prestigious venues such as the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, the Lincoln Center in New York, or the Barbican Center in London. Mulatu Astatke also performed as a guest artist with the Duke Ellington orchestra during its visit to Ethiopia in 1971. In the early 2000s Mulatu received wider recognition as his music was used prominently in the soundtrack of Jim Jarmusch’s movie Broken Flowers which led to further releases on labels like Strut.

NPR MUSIC - Jack White celebrated the release of his latest solo album, Lazaretto with this live concert, at the historic Fonda Theater in Hollywood, Calif.

When you consider that critics have been writing about him for over 60 years, it can seem as if there's nothing left to say about Sonny Rollins. But there is – because over the decades, the "Saxophone Colossus" has never stopped growing or adding to his sound.

Australia's own electronica musician, Chet Faker, delivered a delightfully soulful performance in the Cutting Room Studio with songs from his debut album, "Built On Glass", which will be released April 15, 2014

The group has transformed its ambient Americana sound into grand arrangements for full band. Watch The War on Drugs perform songs from its new album Lost in the Dream in the KEXP studios

Forget England, PJ Harvey had Sydney shaking with her stunning State Theatre performance earlier this year. It was the Sydney Festival show that had everyone talking, a riveting spectacle of an artist at her most inventive and emotive. Starkly lit and bereft of backdrops, her set drew deeply on her latest album ‘Let England Shake’, a glorious, at times brutal record dedicated to her homeland and the wars that have defined it. Its power has been matched only by the praise it received, with the likes of NME, Los Angeles Times and The Guardian awarding it a perfect score. Backed by her impressive band including Mick Harvey, John Parish and Jean-Marc Butty behind her, it’s a magnetic show with the soul siren channeling new works like ‘The Words That Maketh The Murder’ and ‘The Last English Rose’ alongside timeless cuts including ‘Down By The Water’, ‘C’mon Billy’ and ‘Angelene’. She’s a force of nature so prepare to be blown away!

Lee Ranaldo, formerly of Sonic Youth, and his band the Dust perform songs from the new album "The Last Night On Earth".

A Brief History of Sampling: From the Beatles to the Beastie Boys
Jonny Wilson, otherwise known as Eclectic Method, has made an art of “splicing together music, TV and film and setting it to high-energy dance beats.” He has also become something of a digital curator of pop culture.

Mudhoney - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
http://KEXP.ORG presents Mudhoney performing live from the Space Needle during the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee Broadcast. Recorded July 11, 2013.

Ruhan Jia: China's state-sponsored pop
Chinese President Xi Jinping is determined to promote China's cultural "soft power", and this applies to pop music too. The singer carrying the state's hopes for success in the West is Ruhan Jia - but can the Communist Party machine create a star?

Kurt Cobain Lists His 50 Favorite Albums: Features by LPs by David Bowie, Public Enemy & More
This list... not only presents a picture of the late Cobain and his bandmates’ musical heritage, it also offers us a genuine sampler of a generation’s protest music—plenty of classic angry ’80s hardcore punk and post-punk, lo-fi indie, a smattering of classic rock, some fringe outsiders like The Shaggs, and a rap album at #43, the fiercely political Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, a record beloved of almost all children of the 80s.

Reunions are big business. But one ‘70s superstar – Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant – is bucking the trend. Greg Kot explains why.

Helmet - Live on Seattle's 90.3 FM KEXP.ORG
Helmet performs live on the Afternoon Show and talks about the Drill Festival.

Wire - Live on Seattle's 90.3 FM KEXP.ORG
Wire performs live on the Afternoon Show and talks about the Drill Festival.

Writer Chris Salewicz explores the legacy of the film The Harder They Come. He meets the film’s stars and those who have been touched by this classic of modern cinema and its soundtrack. Jimmy Cliff, who stars as Ivanhoe Martin, talks about his role. Chappy St Juste, cameraman on the film recalls shooting some memorable scenes, Sally Henzell, widow of director Perry Henzell talks about the film’s premiere at Kingston’s Carib cinema where 40,000 people tried to get in to this 1500 seater cinema. Carl Bradshaw, who plays Jose, gives us a tour of the film's locations, author Matthew Parker gives a view of Jamaica’s history as a violent slave outpost “bathed in blood” and Dancehall singer Ninjaman talks about his love of the film. Academic Dr Matthew Smith and Janet Street-Porter talk about the soundtrack’s cultural legacy and its role in bringing reggae to the wider world. Back in Britain, Chris examines the legacy of Jamaica’s music and culture on today’s youth in the form of reggae’s cultural descendant: Bass Culture, which to many eyes glorifies the ‘Badman’ archetype portrayed in The Harder They Come. Grime MC Flowdan, reggae singer Tappa Zukie and black music historian Mykaell Riley all contribute. (Photo: Jimmy Cliff performs at the BBC in August 1970).

Sound Opinions - The Best Albums of 2013
Expert music critics Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot from Chicago's WBEZ 91.5 present the Best Albums of 2013, and they hear nominations from guest critics in the listening audience.

A Brief History of the Vinyl Record
For connoisseurs or those just interested in vinyl records...

After writing songs for nine Steely Dan studio albums as well as four solo discs, Donald Fagen, the co-founder of the band, has turned to another kind of writing — a new memoir, Eminent Hipsters, published by Viking. The book is split between reminiscences of growing up trapped in suburban "Squaresville" in North Jersey with only books and the radio to provide much needed input and a grumpy latter-day tour diary. Our conversation, recorded at the Free Library in Philadelphia, deals mostly with the former. Tales of late-night radio listening, reading science fiction and then Bard College, where he met his Steely Dan collaborator Walter Becker.

Steely Dan's Donald Fagen writes honest 'hipster' memoir
As one of Steely Dan's principal songwriters, Donald Fagen helped rewrite the pop playbook of the early 1970s with hits like Rikki Don't Lose that Number, Do It Again and Peg. Alongside Walter Becker, he brought a new level of sophistication to commercial radio with jazz-infused, lyrically ironic songs. Throughout a storied career, Fagen has earned multiple Grammys, platinum record sales, and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- but his talent for the written word also shines without a soundtrack. Fagen began writing essays for New York magazine in the 80s, many of which form the backbone of his new memoir Eminent Hipsters. The songwriter and essayist joined Jian from CBCRadio's "Q with Jian Ghomeshi" to discuss how both the suburbs and New York Jazz clubs influenced his taste, his massively productive partnership with Becker, and why he's not using the word 'hipster' ironically.

Watch the Rolling Stones Write “Sympathy for the Devil”: A Highlight in Godard’s ’68 Film One Plus One
After the Rolling Stones’ partly misguided, partly inspired attempt at psychedelia, Their Satanic Majesties Request, the band found its footing again in the familiar territory of the Delta Blues. But with the 1968 recording of Beggar’s Banquet, they also retained some of the previous album’s experimentation, taken in a more sinister direction on the infamous “Sympathy for the Devil.” In the studio, with the band during those recording sessions, was none other than radical French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard, who brought his own experimental sensibilities to a project he would call One Plus One, a document of the Stones’ late sixties incarnation—including an increasingly reclusive Brian Jones. Godard punctuates the fascinating studio scenes of the Stones with what Andrew Hussey of The Guardian calls “a series of set pieces—an incoherent stew of Situationism and other Sixties stuff”.

October 28, 2013 Hear the band perform highlights from its new album, Reflektor, recorded live from Capitol Studios in Los Angeles.

October 20, 2013 America's favorite Syrian wedding singer crossed the Atlantic Ocean to hold court at NPR Music's showcase in New York City. Wearing his trademark keffiyeh and sunglasses, Souleyman performed songs from his new album, Wenu Wenu, with help from keyboard wizard Rizan Sa'id.

npr Music: - all songs considered: Dave Grohl And Krist Novoselic Share Memories, Unreleased Tracks From 'In Utero'
Few bands ever reach the popularity, influence and status of the early-'90s rock group Nirvana. Anyone who's old enough to remember knows that the trio from Aberdeen, Wash., helped pioneer grunge rock. But more than that, Nirvana became a symbol for an entire generation of ideas and popular culture, from fashion and art to our collective conversations about the way young people were making sense of the world back then, and how they saw their place in it. Remarkably, Nirvana did all this in a very short period of time, from about 1987 to 1994, and only released three albums during that period. The last one the band released — about a year before singer Kurt Cobain took his own life — celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The album, In Utero, is being reissued with some remarkable additions: There's a remastered version of the original record, a remixed version, a DVD, a disc of live recordings, a bunch of previously unreleased demos, and tons of photos and liner notes.

Black Keys From Right Before Release Of El Camino Deceber 2011.

Savages at KCRW on Morning Becomes Eclectic 23.07.2013
London-based post-punk band Savages are behind one of the most exciting and surprising releases of the year. Their live shows are incredible and they joined KCRW's "Morning becomes eclectic" for a set before two sold-out nights at the El Rey Theatre.

Imagine yourself on a small fishing boat with Tom Waits being your only travel companion...

See Stevie Wonder Play “Superstition” and Banter with Grover on Sesame Street in 1973
The following was written by Josh Jones about this openculture piece. Josh Jones is a writer and musician based in Washington, DC:

In 1969, Sesame Street debuted and introduced America’s children - growing up in the midst of intense disputes over integration - to its urban sensibilities and multicultural cast, all driven by the latest in childhood development research and Jim Henson wizardry. Despite the racially fractious times of its origin, the show was a success (although the state of Mississippi briefly banned it in 1970), and its list of celebrity guests from every conceivable domain reflected the diversity of its cast and hipness of its tone. With certain exceptions (particularly in later permutations), it’s always been a show that knew how to gauge the tenor of the times and appeal broadly to both children and their weary, captive guardians.

Being one of those weary captives, I can’t say enough how grateful I’ve been when a recognizable face interrupts Elmo’s babbling to sing a song or do a little comedy bit, winking at the parents all the while. These moments are fewer and farther between in the later ages of the show, but in the seventies, Sesame Street had musical routines worthy of Saturday Night Live. Take, for example, the 1973 appearance of Stevie Wonder on the show. While I was born too late to catch this when it aired, there’s no doubt that the child me would find Wonder and his band as funky as the grown-up parent does. Check them out above doing “Superstition.”

In-Studio Performance: Veteran New Zealand rockers "The Bats" bring their optimistic sunshine pop to brighten your day. This set, recorded Live on KEXP features tracks from their 2011 full-length, "Free All The Monsters."

Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio: Joni Mitchell, The Lumineers
Iconic Canadian songstress, Joni Mitchell & music from The Lumineers.

Queens of the Stone Age performed their dangerously sexy new songs the day before the release of their highly anticipated album ...Like Clockwork for a live audience at Apogee Studio on 11 June 2013.

Symphonize with the world to the ever-evolving city of Tokyo.

Watch Tom Waits, Bill Murray, and Other Modern Bards Read Some of Your Favorite Classic Poems
Long before the printing press, before parchment and papyrus, poetry was a strictly oral form. Many of the features we associate with verse—rhyme, meter, repetition, and extended similes—originated as mnemonic devices for poets and their audiences in times when bards composed extemporaneously from predetermined formulas. And while the image of the Homeric poet, strumming a lyre and narrating the deeds of gods and heroes seems quaint, poetry is still very much an oral art, in cultures traditional and modern. Right this very moment, in cities across the world, poets and audiences gather in bars, cafes, bookstores, temples, and libraries to hear poems spoken, rapped, sung, chanted, etc.

But we no longer assign to the poet god-like power and fame. Those accolades are now reserved for actors and musicians. And while poets are often perfectly good readers of their own work, sometimes there’s nothing so exciting as hearing the utterly distinctive voice of, say, James Earl Jones or Anthony Hopkins, turning over the words of a favorite poem, making them rumble and rustle in ways they never did flat on the page. In this openculture feature, they bring you some modern gods reading the ancient form, beginning with the great, gravel-voiced Tom Waits, who reads the great, gravel-voiced Charles Bukowski’s “The Laughing Heart”. A more perfect union of reader and poet you may never find.

Moshcam - IGGY AND THE STOOGES - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (2 April 2013)
A decade after the Godfathers of Punk reunited, IGGY AND THE STOOGES returned to Australia in March 2013 for three headline shows. Iconic frontman Iggy Pop once again lead guitarist James Williamson, drummer Toby Dammit, bassist Mike Watt and sax player Steve Mackay into rock and roll battle...

KEXP 90.3 FM - In-Studio Performance: The Black Angles
Austin Psych Rockers The Black Angels recently packed the Triple Door for a buzzing live set of kaleidoscopic tunes.

KEXP 90.3 FM - In-Studio Performance: Black Moth Super Rainbow
Pittsburgh avant-rock band Black Moth Super Rainbow recently dropped by KEXP for a dark, swirling set of heavily-effected tunes from their 2012 album "Cobra Juicy," live on The Midday Show.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Live at KCRW - On Morning Becomes Eclectic 20.05.13
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds thrilled a room full of fans with a free-wheelin' live session of songs from their fantastic new album and back catalogue at our Apogee Studio session. Guest host Chris Douridas shares it on Morning Becomes Eclectic...

Moshcam - OFF - Live at the Annandale Hotel
You know the names and pedigrees. Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) and Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes/Earthless/Rocket From The Crypt) are OFF! They are the force and spirit of L.A. punk circa ’78 resuscitated, reconstituted and re-imagined for a similarly uncertain age. The band released their debut 7”, 1st EP, in October of 2010. Three more would follow, all ultimately assembled in the First Four EPs vinyl box set & CD compilation: 16 tracks in just over 17 minutes, featuring inimitable cover art by Raymond Pettibon, the man & artist behind Black Flag’s visual mystique. The critical acclaim poured in—Pitchfork, NPR, the L.A. Times, etc.—followed by a slot on the prestigious Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA, and riotous US, European, and Australian tours.

Hanni El Khatib Live at KCRW - On Morning Becomes Eclectic 26.04.13
Hanni El Khatib is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Los Angeles. The son of Palestinian and Filipino immigrants (and the first American in his family), Hanni El Khatib grew up in San Francisco and was obsessed with classic Americana and pop culture of the 1950s and 60s. Influenced by pioneers of early Rock and R&B, the multi-instrumentalist serves as singer, songwriter & producer for his one-man band (live he is joined by drummer Nicky Fleming-Yaryan) mixing a unique sound of ‘50/’60s blues, soul, garage rock & doo whop.

Listen to The John Bonham Story, a Radio Show Hosted by Dave Grohl - On openculture
Rock and roll bands do have a tendency to burn through drummers. The phenomenon has been so noticeable over the years that Spinal Tap did a memorable parody of it. But when Led Zeppelin’s powerhouse of a drummer John Bonham died unexpectedly at the age of 32 on September 25, 1980, there would be no replacing him. Bonham’s distinctive playing was such an integral part of the Led Zeppelin sound that it was hard to imagine anyone else filling his shoes. A few months after his death, the drummer’s grief-stricken band mates issued a statement announcing the break-up of the group. Without Bonham, they said, “we could not continue as we were.”

On 15th Album Nick Cave Still Trying To Work Out How To Be A Musician - On World Cafe
Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave recently re-formed his band The Bad Seeds, minus founding member Mick Harvey on guitar, to record a new album called Push the Sky Away. On this instalment of World Café, you'll hear a tremendous performance from the elegant, intensely emotive band. Cave tells host David Dye that his work with Grinderman over the past year became "the mistress that saved the marriage," and explains how the experience helped make Push the Sky Away sound more direct. He also reflects on how he only began to take music seriously after failing in his second year at art school, where he recently received an honorary degree.

Tame Impala Live at KCRW - On Morning Becomes Eclectic 11.04.13
Australian psychedelic rockers Tame Impala were one of the most played artists on KCRW last year. They pick up where their critically acclaimed debut left off on their new album, Lonerism, and you can experience their cosmic musical adventure just before Coachella on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am

April 11, 2013 Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase's performance at NPR Music's SXSW showcase was the band's only appearance at this year's festival. The New York trio performed their new single "Sacrilege" for the first time in front of an audience and dazzled the packed Stubb's crowd with a bunch of beloved hits from yesteryear.

Grinderman - No Pussy Blues - Live from Coachella, April 12, 2013
Australia's greatest ( musical ) export.

The Seattle Channel joined KEXP radio 90.3 to bring viewers KEXP Live at the Triple Door. Utilizing KEXP's exclusive 500 Club performances, the program highlights the uniqueness of KEXP and the diverse range of talented musicians (local, national and international) that come through and from the Pacific Northwest. Watch the KEXP Live at the Triple Door concerts and special musician interviews.

More than 40 years after Jimi Hendrix's death, the guitarist and singer's legacy continues to grow. His label recently released People, Hell and Angels, an album of 12 previously unreleased recordings that Hendrix was working on for a planned follow-up to 1968's Electric Ladyland. In this special edition of World Café, David Dye hosts The Jimi You Never Knew, a two-hour episode showcasing music that has surfaced over the past few years. Featuring interviews with Hendrix's sister Janie, his engineer Eddie Kramer, his bass player Billy Cox, and musicians like Taj Mahal, Billy Gibbons, Angela Davis, Steve Winwood and Bootsy Collins, this show delves deeply into the legend of one of rock's most influential stars.

Watch the noise-rock trio tear it up at the 2013 South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Recorded live at Bar 96 for Filter Magazine's Dr. Martens Showcase, the band from Toronto performs a heart-pounding version of "Wet Blanket" here.

Charles Lloyd was born March 15, 1938, and he's celebrating his 75th birthday with a new album, Hagar's Song, and concert in the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. And a reprise of this set from Newport on JazzSet.

npr Music - jazz profiles - Abbey Lincoln: The Power Of Voice
Few singers have the emotional depth and versatility of Abbey Lincoln. With a voice capable of evoking the joys and pains of life, she carved a niche as a singer, songwriter and storyteller for more than 40 years. Up until her death this past Saturday at age 80, she still pursued new and creative ways to express herself.

Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg returned to Australia over the summer with their band to play a whole bunch of stunning shows, including one hell of a set at the Falls Festival in Lorne. Their perfect harmonies and gorgeous melodies filled the Valley stage as they won the punters' hearts, minds and ears with tunes like 'The Lion's Roar and 'Wolf' (#63 in the 2012 Hottest 100), plus a sweet cover of legendary/fellow Swedes' ABBA!

KEXP 90.3 FM - Live Performance: Django Django
19 March 2013 live on KEXP in-studio performance of London-based psychedelic rock group Django Django play a set off their self-titled album.

npr Music: Dave Grohl has become the unofficial Mayor of Rock 'n' Roll: a gregarious ambassador who wins armloads of Grammys and even directs a music documentary. Watch Grohl's keynote address at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

Cold War Kids Live at KCRW on Morning Becomes Eclectic
In this KCRW's "Morning becomes eclectic" program from 22 March 2013 LA's own Cold War Kids are back and better than ever. Their raw brand of bluesy rock sounded fantastic in a session taped at Apogee's Berkeley Street Studio in front of a live audience. Hear new songs from their fourth studio album on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am..

March 14, 2013: "Alt-J" the Mercury Prize-winning band from Cambridge, England, capped NPR Music's SXSW showcase at Stubb's in Austin, and they shut it down in style. Watch them dig deep into their one and only album, An Awesome Wave, in front of a packed house.

KEXP 90.3 FM - Live Performance: Robyn Hitchcock
The ever-vibrant Robyn Hitchcock plays a set of songs old and new live on KEXP from Mellow Johnny's in Austin, TX during SXSW (13/03.2013). - G. Li

Stompin' Tom Connors - Sudbury Saturday Night (Live 2005)
This clip is posted in memory of Stompin' Tom Connors who passed away on 6 March 2013. He was one of Canada's most prolific and well-known country and folk singer-songwriters. Focusing his career exclusively on his native Canada, Connors is credited with writing more than 300 songs and has released four dozen albums, with total sales of nearly 4 million copies.

KCRW - Mornign becomes Eclectic - Eels
Eels front-man Mark Oliver Everett (best known as E) is a prolific and clever songwriter. His latest record is Wonderful, Glorious, a perfect description of his music. Eels return to Morning Becomes Eclectic for a live set and some funny stories.

This moshcam "Gig of the Week" production features punk group Panic Attack's 17 January 2013 live performance at OFF! - The Annandale Hotel, Sydney.

This 2009 wxpn program is about Wanda Jackson. One of the first popular female rockabilly singers, Wanda Jackson served as a pioneering rock and roll artist in the 1950s and 1960s. Known by many as the Queen of Rockabilly, Jackson is credited with being the first woman to record a rock and roll song – “Let’s Have a Party” in 1958. A singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist, Jackson was well known for mixing country with her rockabilly music, an approach that served her well in the mid-1960s as rockabilly soon began to decline in popularity. Jackson produced a succession of successful country hits including “A Woman Lives for Love,” “Fancy Satin Pillows,” and “Tears Will Be the Chaser of Your Life.” In 2009, Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an Early Influence to younger Americana fans. Jackson released her thirty-first studio album, Unfinished Business. Produced by Americana singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle, the album is deeply rooted in Jackson’s rockabilly and country style and features hit tracks such as “Tore Down,” “California Stars,” and “Am I Even a Memory?” Unfinished Business reached #58 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Wanda Jackson - Rock Your Baby
Wanda Jackson was only halfway through high school when, in 1954, country singer Hank Thompson heard her on an Oklahoma City radio show and asked her to record with his band, the Brazos Valley Boys. By the end of the decade, Jackson had become one of America's first major female country and rockabilly singers...

Chasing epiphanies: Nick Cave on creativity, home and wikipedia
In this ABC 7:30 Report interview, Monique Schafter talks with Nick Cave. It's taken 30 years for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to score a number one album in Australia, plenty of time to provide food for thought on issues of creativity, success, home, and the internet.

npr Music World Cafe: Growing up in Chicago and listening to The Beatles, a non-stop stream of oldies, and her musician father, Tristen Gaspadarek developed an affinity for song-writing at a young age. After college, she moved to Nashville, a city overflowing with musical influences and inspirations. It was there she threw herself into making music — passing out EPs in hand-sewn covers and playing an endless stream of shows. As she put it, "People come out of the woodwork here. If you're playing shows and you're any good, people want to be involved and want to help you. Everybody's here for the same reason, to make great records." Her debut full-length, Charlatans at the Garden Gate, coming on the heels of a highly praised EP, has been garnering fans from all corners. Full of folk-pop hooks, sometimes sparse instrumentation, and no shortage of supporting artists (one source puts it at 40), this is not an album — or artist — to miss..

The Triffids - Effenaar 1985
The above link takes you straight to "The Triffids" website with recordings from a 1985 live concert from Effenar Holland. "The Triffids" are an Australian band from the late 70's/ 80's.

This npr Music World Cafe feature from February 2013 is about British musician, composer and producer Brian Eno who is commonly recognized as one of the most important innovators in ambient music. Though he now mainly composes using computers, Eno was one of the early pioneers of tape-loop music. He's been an important figure in the history of more conventional pop, as well; he began his career as a member of Roxy Music, and later went on to collaborate with a variety of artists, including U2 and David Byrne. Eno's latest album, Lux, began as a piece he was commissioned to create for a baroque gallery within a palace near Turin, Italy. He wrote the piece at a studio he built within the gallery, and tailored the music specifically for the physical space of that room, working with its natural acoustics. He was so enamored with the result that he later produced a reworked version to be released as a standalone album. Here, Eno talks with World Cafe host David Dye about Lux, as well as some of the other projects he's been created during his remarkable career.

This npr Music feature from February 2013 notes that "The New York Times" doesn't mince words when it writes, "Wayne Shorter is generally acknowledged to be jazz's greatest living composer". Going back to his days jamming with John Coltrane fresh out of the Army, Shorter has seemed to move, Zelig-like, through some of the most important combos in jazz — from Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, to his days with Miles Davis, to the groundbreaking fusion band Weather Report. As Shorter approaches his 80th birthday, he's just reunited with the label that championed him as a bandleader back in the 1960s, Blue Note Records. On the new album Without a Net, he leads a quartet with whom he's spent more than a decade through live recordings and some striking new compositions. Speaking with NPR's Laura Sullivan, Shorter says he absorbed a common principle from Davis, Coltrane, Blakey and his other great peers and mentors: They left their musicians alone. "The six years I was with Miles, we never talked about music. We never had a rehearsal," Shorter says. "Jazz shouldn't have any mandates. Jazz is not supposed to be something that's required to sound like jazz. For me, the word 'jazz' means, 'I dare you.' The effort to break out of something is worth more than getting an A in syncopation. "This music, it's dealing with the unexpected," he adds. "No one really knows how to deal with the unexpected. How do you rehearse the unknown?"

Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio: Bad Religion's Greg Graffin
In this "Q with Jian Ghomeshi" interview on CBC Radio from 31 January 2013 he talks to veteran punk rockers Bad Religion front man Greg Graffin. Bad Religion have just released their 16th full length album, "True North". Greg Graffin stopped by Studio Q for this feature interview, reflecting on still getting stage fright after 30 years of gigs, why he's passionate about evolutionary biology, and why kids should never think their parents are "cool".

Kris Kristofferson On Writing For — And Outliving — His Idols
In this February 2013 npr Music Interview with Rachel Martin, Kris Kristofferson discusses his latest album called "Feeling Mortal", as well as some of the pleasant surprises that have come with old age.

Bonnaroo 2010: Kris Kristofferson In Concert
A singer, actor and all-around icon, Kris Kristofferson began as a military captain. But in between his life as the latter and his career as the former, he was a go-to songwriter for Janis Joplin (who sang his "Me and Bobby McGee") and many others. Kristofferson continues to crank out new solo albums, but he's seen extra attention this year thanks to Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends, which compiles the simple, stripped-down demos he used to sell some of his best-known songs in the late '60s and early '70s. Expect him to mix old favorites and new gems at this appearance.

Folk singer John Fullbright got his start at the age of 16, playing at small venues in his native Oklahoma for tips and the occasional free meal. "I'd stand up there and play until my voice was gone, which sometimes would take three hours. Sometimes it'd take longer," Fullbright says. "But that's where I really learned to scream." Fullbright sings with a raw howl, but he never loses control — countless hours spent performing have helped him refine the rough edges of his voice. Although he had previously released a live album — 2009's Live At The Blue Door — Fullbright's proper studio debut, From The Ground Up, was released earlier this year. Written mostly in his family's Oklahoma farmhouse, the album focuses on the singer's faith — Fullbright even sings from the perspective of God himself on "Gawd Above." The album has won Fullbright plenty of well-earned attention, and he was even included in NPR Music's list of 10 Artists You Should Have Known In 2012.

A band's sound is only as big as its members, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' music is huge. The 10 members are a whirl of roving horns, as well as whistles, claps, shouts, strummed string instruments and percussion involving drums, hands and anything else they can find. The group's communal folk sound blew up in 2009 with the heart-pounding, foot-stomping single "Home"; with its universal sentiment, the song includes a back-and-forth between frontman Alex Ebert and bandmate Jade Castrinos.

In this npr World Cafe session, Ebert describes how the pair came to terms with performing "Home" as their relationship evolved from an undying friendship to a romantic relationship and back again over the past few years. Attempting to dissolve the categories and definitions of relationships in a blend of light and love, Ebert and the gang perform songs from their second album, Here.

When Los Angeles hardcore punks The Bronx announced that they would be recording two albums in April 2007, the news that they were recording a third eponymous album wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone. However, the news that they would be recording a mariachi album seemingly came out of left field for even the band’s most devoted fans. Five years later, Mariachi El Bronx seems to have become the quintet’s main focus, and it’s clear why. They’ve embraced the Mexican folk genre, trading power chords and circle pits for guitarróns and charro suits. Experience the grupo de gringos for yourself by watching video of their DJ El Toro-hosted stop by KEXP from last fall below.

October 15, 2012. One of the loudest performances ever captured in the NPR Music offices, Dirty Three's set alternately seethes and rages in a flurry of high kicks, shambolic rumbling, prolific hairiness and dramatic yelling.

For the last 14 years, npr's WXPN host and producer Robert Drake has programmed and hosted a 24-hour holiday-music marathon called The Night Before, aired from midnight to midnight on Dec. 24. This year the station put more jingle in the jangle and created Jingle Jams on XPN2, a 24/7 stream of holiday music.

Virtually every genre of holiday music is represented in this eclectic mix. It's got classics and obscure nuggets; you'll hear the Beatles Christmas messages, Burl Ives, Phil Spector holiday classics, Johnny Mathis, the Rat Pack's take on the holidays and one of XPN's favorites, Lou Monte's "Dominic the Donkey." Enjoy Jingle Jams — and happy holidays from WXPN and World Cafe.

Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio: Beck's new album is a book
In this "Q with Jian Ghomeshi" interview on CBC Radio from 18 December 2012, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter comments on his unique new project, the sheet-music-only release Song Reader.

This npr World Cafe program from 14 December 2012 is about Gary Clark Jr.'s new album Blak and Blue, which is his major-label debut, but the blues guitarist is hardly a newcomer. Clark made his first album at 17, and by then he'd already spent several years hanging out in the blues clubs of Austin, Texas. One place in particular had a big influence on his growth as a player: Antone's Blues Club. It was there that Clark watched legends like Buddy Guy perform, and where he played some of his first shows after the club's owner took note of the precocious young guitarist's playing. For Blak and Blue, Clark stepped outside his comfort zone and enlisted the help of outsiders for the first time, including producers Mike Elizondo and Rob Cavallo. Working in unfamiliar territory in the studio may have been a refreshing change for Clark — at this point in his career, he's been playing for so long that performing is clearly second nature to him.

"I love it. I love getting up there," he tells World Café host David Dye. "I'm comfortable — it's a place to kind of let go and really be myself."

The Joe Smith Collection at the Library of Congress
More than 25 years ago, retired music executive Joe Smith accomplished a Herculean feat—he got more than 200 celebrated singers, musicians and industry icons to talk about their lives, music, experiences and contemporaries. In 2012 Smith donated this treasure trove of unedited sound recordings to the nation’s library.

The Library of Congress has made a series of interviews by recording executive Joe Smith available free online. The primary-source oral histories cover perhaps the most important 50 years of popular music, nationally and internationally and include conversations with Mick Jagger, Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, B.B. King and Paul McCartney.

Fan-Made Radiohead Concert Movie Released Online
Written by Al Newstead on 30 November 2012: Feeling glum now that Radiohead’s Australian tour is officially over? Does all other music just sound duller now by comparison? Food and colours don’t have the same zest and everything’s downhill from here? We feel your pain. Fear not, because thanks to some truly dedicated and well-equipped fans of the Oxford quintet, there’s now a surefire way to get you out of your slump and relive some of the magic of the live Radiohead experience. As Pitchfork reports, a team of enterprising fans have put together a high quality, two-hour long concert film of Radiohead’s performance at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom, taken from their second show in the Big Apple on September 29, 2011. The complete concert (which you can view in the banner) features footage shot by various fans at the New York show, but more importantly, features soundboard quality audio provided by Radiohead themselves; meaning that while the visuals are a bit shaky – the sound is as good as you’d hope of a live recording.

This npr "Music" program from 19 November 2012 features Grizzly Bear, who began in 2004 as a bedroom project for Ed Droste. By 2006, Droste had a full band alongside him: Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear and Chris Taylor. They released Yellow House the same year, but it was 2009's Veckatimest that propelled the group to worldwide fame. Three years removed from that celebrated record, Grizzly Bear recently returned with Shields, which builds upon an innovative sound that mixes melodic pop with lush orchestrations. The band masters both the anthemic and the subtle throughout Shields, embracing arena rock, jazz harmonies and psychedelia along the way. Hear Grizzly Bear perform tracks from its new album and chat with David Dye.

For this npr "Music" feature from 16 November 2012 in honor of The Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary, "All Things Considered" has been talking to the members of the band about standout songs from their catalog. For his pick, Mick Jagger went with 1969's "Gimme Shelter." NPR's Melissa Block suggests that the two talk over the song, to which Jagger jokingly responds, "Talk over it? Sacrilegious. I could rap over it."

This npr "World Cafe" program features "Afghan Wings" - one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the '90s. Afghan Whigs recently reunited for a string of live performances in 2012. Singer Greg Dulli, guitarist Rick McCollum and drummer Steve Earle met while attending the University of Cincinnati; bassist John Curley was a photographer at the Cincinnati Inquirer who happened to meet Dulli at a friend's apartment. They became Afghan Whigs in 1986 and attracted a dedicated cult following that's remained fervent long after the band's 2001 dissolution. In this session of World Cafe, the band members discuss playing songs they'd written as younger artists.

Spanish Radio 3 presents from the Gran Teatre del Liceu a very special concert of American band Wilco. The group led by Jeff Tweedy visit Barcelona again. Over two hours of live music from the Liceo, the station reviews Wilco's eight studio albums, with special emphasis on the last one, The Whole Love (2011). For those less familiar with the Spanish language, the music starts at 3:54.

In this PBS klru program alt rock icon Radiohead takes the Austin City Limits stage. The band performs songs from its Grammy-nominated LP The King of Limbs.
And here again Radiohead live on MoshCam at their Prague concert in August 2009.

Two years after the success of 2010's Grammy-nominated Infinite Arms, the twangy rock group Band of Horses just returned with a new album titled Mirage Rock. Band of Horses rose to underground success in 2004 after attracting the attention of Seattle's Sub Pop label by opening for Iron & Wine. The group has since experienced numerous lineup changes, but founding member Ben Bridwell remains the lead singer and songwriter. In this installment of World Cafe, Bridwell talks with WXPN's David Dye about working with Glyn Johns and moving forward without abandoning the band's roots. This session also features a live recording from Band of Horses' World Cafe Live performance last month.

VIP Concert Series Performance from 26 February 2006. New York City pop rock trio Nada Surf were formed by high school friends Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca in 1993. Drummer Ira Elliot completes the lineup for a stellar 2006 live performance. Acoustic guitars, pop-smart harmonies and an indie rock sensibilities showcase memorable lyrics in this exclusive session played for KEXP members and staff at Seattle nightclub The Triple Door.

The Sound of Miles Davis’: Classic 1959 Performance with John Coltrane
This OpenCulture feature provides an amazing time capsule from the golden age of jazz: Miles Davis and his group–including John Coltrane–performing with the Gil Evans Orchestra on the CBS program, The Robert Herridge Theater.

Success, Sorrow and Song: Gregg Allman's Hard-Lived Life of Rock
In this PBS NewsHour program from August 14, 2012, Jeffrey Brown talks to Allman Brothers Band co-founder and still-member Gregg Allman about his new memoir, "My Cross to Bear," which tells of his southern roots, his childhood dreams to be a doctor, the negative effects of drugs on his relationships, and the profound effects the death of his brother Duane had on his own life.

BLOC PARTY on Morning Becomes Eclectic 08.15.12
UK dance-punk purveyors Bloc Party return to KCRW to premiere live versions of songs from their new album “Four”, with a decidedly more rock-driven sound. The session was recorded in front of a live audience at Apogee's Berkeley St Studios. Hear it on Morning Becomes Eclectic

Air Guitar World Championships 2011 TOP 3
You can't help wondering how they would do if they held a REAL guitar in their hands... Nordic Thunder won 2012!

This music video appeared on "Rolling Stone - Videos" on 30 July 2012. With help from "Madtwins" sister duo Olya and Vera Ishchuk, California punks Social Distortion have produced an animated video for "Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown," which appeared on the band's 2011 release Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes. The Twins' video depicts a man cycling through drug and alcohol abuse and eventually being chased by a Grim Reaper villain. According to frontman Mike Ness, it revealed more about his song than he acknowledged when he wrote it...

Florence + the Machine with the Ceremonial Orchestra Live At The Wireless: Triple J
From One of the hottest tickets in town during the 2012 Vivid Festival was without a doubt Florence + The Machine, backed by the Ceremonial Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. You don't have to imagine what tunes from both of Flo's records sound like when performed by over 40 musicians and singers, because the triple j Live Music team were kind enough to capture it for you. Preview this very special performance with 'Drumming Song', from 2009's Lungs.

This concert from June 23, 2012 was broadcast on npr music. The warmly eclectic singer-songwriter Regina Spektor played old favorites and introduced fans to highlights from her lovely new album, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats, in a concert, recorded live from Le Poisson Rouge.

This concert from June 13, 2012 was broadcast on npr music. The band is currently on tour, celebrating its 50th anniversary and a new album called That's Why God Made the Radio. Hear an hour of highlights from several of The Beach Boys' recent shows.

This concert from July 31, 2012 was broadcast on npr music. It's not hyperbolic to suggest that Sigur Rós is one of the world's greatest live bands, creating a hypnotic, almost overwhelming experience. Hear the group, back on tour after four years, as it plays a sweeping two-hour set at Brooklyn's Prospect Park Bandshell during Celebrate Brooklyn.

This concert from July 27, 2012 was broadcast on npr music. Opening with Woody Guthrie's "Christ for President," Wilco played a two-hour career-spanning set that culminated in an encore featuring Guthrie's granddaughter, Sarah Lee. Hear the band at the 2012 Newport Folk Festival, recorded live on Friday, July 27 in Newport, R.I..

They're just a chip off the old block: Photo essay that revealed humble roots of rock legends as they pose with parents
This Mail Online article is a must-read/look for all teenage children who feel embarassed by their parents... In 1971, the likes of Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, Elton John and the Jackson Five were some of the most famous celebrities in their world. But for their parents, these ultra-famous rock stars were still only grown-up children, whom they doted on and fussed over. LIFE Magazine photographer John Olson followed some of these big name stars home to see their parents to tell the inside story of the private lives of famous musicians and show their person histories.

Trade secrets of oldest family firm in US
This BBC article by Kim Gittleson explores the history of the famous Zildjian cymbal business. Nearly 400 years ago, in 1623, Avedis Zildjian founded a cymbal-manufacturing company in Istanbul...

ABC - TripleJ: The Birthday Party - Live at the Wireless
The Birthday Party is one of the most influential bands from the Australian underground scene. Originally known as The Boys Next Door, they specialised in gothic post-punk rock that housed disturbing stories of religion, violence, and perversity. The creative core of the band was singer Nick Cave, multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey, and singer and guitarist Rowland S. Howard. This show was recorded in the band's final year.

The Open Goldberg Variations: J.S. Bach’s Masterpiece
This OpenCulture link allows a free download of Bach's Goldberg Variations. First published in 1741, J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations is often considered the most ambitious composition ever written for harpsichord. As this conversation at NPR notes, the piece begins “with an initial melody, the Aria, followed by 30 short but brilliant variations built on eight notes that Bach appears to have borrowed from Handel.” It’s an impressive example of musical one-upmanship — so impressive that the demanding piece still captures our often divided attention today.

Josh T Pearson is a wonderful solo artist who came to prominence with his legendary, incendiary trio Lift To Experience. Pearson is a fully bearded gentleman from Texas who now lives in Berlin, and sometimes hangs about in Paris too. Warren Ellis is a member of Dirty Three, who have been with Bella Union since we began back in 1997. Warren is also an important member of The Bad Seeds, and he’s regarded by many as the main foil for Nick Cave. Nick and Warren Ellis have also been composing scores together for movies like ‘The Proposition’ and ‘The Assassination of Jesse James’. Warren lives in Paris.

Enjoy the highly entertaining exchange between Josh (the interviewer) and Warren (the subject).

The Black Keys’ Live On BBC Radio 1 2012 | The Black Keys Fan Lounge
The Black Keys’ recently played live to air on DJ Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show.

Heartless Bastards Live at KCRW on Morning Becomes Eclectic (3rd April 2012)
The Heartless Bastards have released one of the best rock albums of the year, an energetic collection of songs with powerhouse singer Erika Wennerstrom at the forefront.

KEXP 90.3 FM - Live Performance: Nada Surf (15 March 2012)
In-Studio Performance. Alt-pop mainstays Nada Surf manage to rock Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop with nothing but an acoustic guitar, a box-drum and an arsenal of infectious, hook-laden tunes during SXSW 2012. - S. Simkoff.

npr Music: Bruce Springsteen's SXSW 2012 Keynote Speech
In a nearly hour-long address from the stage of the Austin Convention Center at South By Southwest on March 15th, Bruce Springsteen spoke about his life as a musician and the artists who influenced his career. As Ann Powers wrote, "Springsteen identified himself as a Motown-loving, Sex Pistols-fearing fan of country's Silver Fox — Charlie Rich. He vehemently argued for the belief in popular music as dynamic and flexible, kept alive through constant redefinition by new players and fans.

This npr Music feature from February 20, 2012 on "Nada Surf" shows that even after nearly 20 years on the road, Nada Surf plays with the vigor and vitality of a new band. Here, the group performs a lengthy set of songs from its new album, with a few classics thrown in for good measure.

The Bizarre and Influential World of Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper is into his fifth decade in the rock business. This BBC "Your World" profile looks at the way Alice has shaped rock performance around the globe, starting with his latest Halloween gig in London's Alexandra Palace.

This npr Music "All Things Considered" program by Eric Westervelt looks at the background to John Coltrane's seminal recording "A Love Supreme" that Coltrane wrote in 1964.

CBC.RADIO ( Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio )
CBC Radio show Q, hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, is a daily arts, culture and entertainment magazine. On this episode from 07/10/2011, Canadian Singer Songwriter FEIST performs songs from her latest release Metals, with the live music kicking in around minute 5.

KEXP 90.3 FM - Live Performance: Dinosaur Jr.
In this in-studio performance from 12/17/2011, legendary alt-rockers Dinosaur Jr. swing by the studio with this blistering set recorded live on KEXP.

Even if the Goth-tinged post-punk band seemed slightly out of place at All Tomorrow's Parties, there was plenty of chatter surrounding The Horrors. Singer Faris Badwan was downright Bowie-ian in voice over shimmering guitars and synths straight out Bauhaus and The Jesus and Mary Chain. But really, the effect was more like U2: bold and confident, and maybe not as brooding as Badwan's leather jacket and shaggy hair might suggest. In the Convention Hall at Asbury Park, N.J., where the acoustics boomed in not-so-flattering ways, The Horrors seemed to make a case for arenas with the same problem.

The British garage-and-blues rock outfit came together in 2008, when veteran rocker Jim Jones met guitarist Rupert Orton at the aptly named "Not the Same Old Blues Crap" club night. They recorded an eponymous debut in 48 hours, inspired by the likes of The Sonics and Little Richard. The group's second release, Burning Your House Down, was produced by Jim Sclavunos, who's worked with Nick Cave projects The Bad Seeds and Grinderman. It's a collection of bluesy riffs and raspy vocals, all infused with primal energy.

It's been eight years since her last studio album, but Gillian Welch has been busy. She and her longtime musical partner David Rawlings are deeply involved in each other's music, so when Welch had trouble writing new material for her own record, the two turned their focus to Rawlings' first solo album under the moniker "Dave Rawlings Machine". Recording his album was the first time the two had entered the studio in many years, as they'd been touring extensively. The recording process, Rawlings says, acted as a warm-up for Welch's fifth album, "The Harrow and the Harvest", which took as little as a month to record. "The Harrow and the Harvest" is an apt title for the album Welch struggled to complete. She left her home in Nashville to write it, and the result is a collection of songs that are as introspective, personal and dark as anything she's recorded. The mournful, hauntingly harmonized "The Way It Will Be" has stuck around since the recording sessions from 2003's "Soul Journey", and Rawlings says it marked a new style of singing from the pair. Still integral to each other's creative processes, Welch describes how a potential collaboration with Levon Helm inspired her to write "Hard Times," with Rawlings adding the chorus later on.

Hear the pair perform songs from "The Harrow and the Harvest" on NPR's World Cafe session - November 24th 2011.

From the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Md., Wilco play their 2011 release "THE WHOLE LOVE" in a full concert, webcast live on NPR Music - September 25th 2011.

Fleet Foxes Live at KCRW on Morning Becomes Eclectic
Fleet Foxes perform songs from their 2011 release "Helplessness Blues" on KCRW's Morning Becomes Electric - September 12th 2011.

KEXP 90.3 FM - Live Performance: Mogwai
"TV on the Radio" joined KCRW's Scottish post-rock instrumentalists Mogwai conjure some expansive guitar-driven tunes live in the KEXP Seattle studio.

"TV on the Radio" joined KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic for a live session after a triumphant show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Tom Waits chats with npr Music Fresh Air's Terry Gross about his new album, Bad as Me, his first studio recording in eight years.

Festival Recap: The Magic Of All Tomorrow's Parties
"All Tomorrow's Parties" isn't like most music festivals: It looks for artists on the fringes sonically and aesthetically, with guest curators adding a personal touch. The festival, which began in 1999, is held in both the U.K. and the U.S. The American version took place October 1st & 2nd 2011 on the boardwalk of Asbury Park, N.J. Portishead picked the bands to play Saturday's shows, which included everything from the U.K. post-punk group "The Horrors" and messed-up dub-rock outfit "The Pop Group" to a massive, bludgeoning two-hour set by "Swans". - Q - Nirvana's Krist Novoselic on Q
September 24th 2011 marks the 20th Anniversary of the release of Nirvana's landmark album, Nevermind. Now considered a modern classic, Nevermind had a profound impact on pop culture. With the album's mixture of crunching power chords, melodic hooks and vocalist Kurt Cobain's disaffected lyrics, Nevermind transcended musical genres and won over an enourmous mainstream audience. On the eve of the album's anniversary, Nirvana bassist and co-founder Krist Novoselic talked to CBC Radios Jian Ghomeshi about the legacy of both Nevermind and Niravana.

R.E.M. Breaks Up (Everybody Cries) - Art Beat - PBS NewsHour
After 31 years as a band, R.E.M. announced Wednesday 19th September 2011 that they're calling it quits. PBS Reporter Jeffrey Brown talks to Anthony DeCurtis, a longtime contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine, about the band from Athens, Ga., that shaped much of the alternative music of the era.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush To Relax (live) - media - triple j
Melbourne punk rockers Eddy Current Suppression Ring perform their 'RUSH to RELAX' disc for "triple j" on October 27th 2010.

Tumbleweed - Live Music Concert Video - Metro Theatre, Sydney 2011 - Moshcam
Wollongong's early 90's psych punks TUMBLEWEED perform their classics like Sundial, TV Genocide and Daddy Long Legs at Sydney's Metro Theatre on February 18th 2011.

Live Performance: Grant Lee Buffalo
LA Rockers Grant Lee Buffalo play a set live on KEXP from the Bumbershoot Music Lounge.

13th Floor Elevators - singer / songwriter psych legend Roky Erickson and the Kings of Leon
AUSTIN CITY LIMITS - Broadcast: Nashville's "Kings of Leon" rock the ACL studio in support of "Because of the Times". Psychedelic innovator and 13th Floor Elevators frontman, Roky Erickson performs songs from his legendary 40-year career.

Social Distortion Interview - Mike Ness -
A 2007 interview with Mike Ness, founder, singer, guitarist and prime songwriter of seminal LA punk band Social Distortion.

KEXP 90.3 FM - Live Performance: Wilco on 5/30/2011
On the Memorial Day weekend in May, in Washington State the Sasquatch Musical Festival is held every year. This year Wilco played a blistering set, covering material off all their seven studio albums. The set in its entirety is provided by great Seattle radio station KEXP 90.3 FM.

David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists - and Megastars
One time Talking Head David Byrne talks to Wired magazine about the changing nature of the music industry and what survival stratergies may be appropriate.

A 1986 Creem Magazine interview / drinking session with US Punk Rock band The Replacements, touring their ' Let it be" album.

A very wide net is cast by interviewer Judy McGuire in this PUNK magazine interview with the late Joe Strummer, singer/songwriter from English punk band The Clash.

David Byrne and Thom Yorke on the Real Value of Music
In Wired Magazine Radiohead singer songwriter, Thom Yorke, and Talking Heads founder, David Byrne, talk about the music industry, on line distruibution and the carbon footprint issues of being a touring band.

Sound Opinions - Mike Watt, Reviews of Lady Gaga & Death Cab for Cutie
Mike Watt the bass player from seminal US punk band Minuteman tallks about their 1984 album "Double Nickels on the Dime".

2011 BBC Radio4 program in which musician and composer Roger Waters, who co-founded Pink Floyd, joins Kirsty Young to choose his Desert Island Discs (starts at 1:48 min).

2003 BBC Radio4 program with Pink Floyd guitarrist and vocalist David Gilmour.
Foo Fighters 2011 Tour Rider - what the promoter need provide the band on tour - this one is especially good and includes a copy of the Foo Fighters " Field Guide to Food Colouring and Activity Book".
KEXP Radio - 90.3FM Seattle
KEXP Radio Station in Seattle broadcast great live in the studio concerts, a fantastic weekly punk rock show called Sonic Reducer and a monumental weekly rockabilly show called Shake the Shack...

Discovery Records
Great music store in Toronto Canada ( Queen St. East ) run by Jim Levitt, with the web site updated weekly.

Local and international artist live music/concert repository, e.g. Magic Dirt, U V Race, SIA, Descendants, ALEXISONFIRE, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Jane's Addiction at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney in 2010 is epic!

Later with Jools Holland
Great BBC live music show hosted by ex Squeeze keyboardist Jools Holland.

If in Beijing, the best Punk Rock live music venue is D22 in the Haidian district (between the 3rd and 4th ring roads).
American music blog and excellent live podcast source (e.g. the Wilco, Television, Pavement, Jane's Addiction, P J Harvey, the Pixies, the Cramps, etc).

LP Cover Lover
The World's Greatest LP Covers...

How Heavy Metal Is Keeping Us Sane
In this 2011 The Atlantic article, James Parker discusses heavy metal and how it is "...doing bootleg rage therapy for a mass audience..."

Free Jazz / Punk Rock
A 1979 article by Lester Bangs on the Free Jazz and Punk Rock music scene in which he extols the virtue of improvised music.

Playboy Interview: Bob Dylan
A 1966 conversation with the iconoclastic idol of the folk-rock set.

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
This famous series of Esquire magazine acrticles by Gay Talese originally ran in 1966 and offers one of the best profiles of Sinatra.

Muddy Waters You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
Muddy Waters You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had. Live in 1964 on a UK television show called "The Blues and Gospel Train" - we were thinking of putting this under the "Economics" tab...

John Coltrane - The Official Site
A selection of audio interviews with jazz saxonophist John Coltrane that occurred between 1958 and 1966, with the Frank Kofski interview highly recommended.