Individually managed mandates

Celeste offers clients individually managed portfolios in small cap Australian equities. These portfolios are managed consistent with the Celeste investment philosophy and style.

Investment objective
Investment objectives are set for each portfolio in consultation with clients.

Recommended investment timeframe
The investment timeframe will depend on the agreed investment objectives for each portfolio. However, our investment approach does not aim to produce superior returns over short time periods and prospective investors should therefore plan to invest for at least three to five years.

Performance history
We do not publish the performance history of individually managed portfolios. For an indication of the performance that is available, explore the performance of the
Celeste Australian Small Companies Fund.

Product features
Minimum investment $10 million
Minimum additional investment and withdrawal No minimums
Withdrawals available Usually within 7 days
Distributions As agreed with each client
Fees As agreed with each client

How to invest
Contact us to find out more about individually managed mandates.